Is it Normal to Hear the Gas Running in a Gas Oven?

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Gas ovens are preferred in many cooking circles for their even and fast cooking results. While gas ovens are relatively quiet, it's common to hear the sounds of the gas running to the unit. On the other hand, smelling gas isn't normal and requires immediate service. You may need to call your gas provider, the oven's manufacturer or the retailer which provided an extended warranty.

Normal Noises

Often when you use a gas oven you can hear the gas running to the unit during the operation. As the gas runs through the pipes, you might hear a hissing or whooshing sound. You may also hear a clicking noise as the ignition lights the flame. Afterward, you may hear a hissing or whooshing sound as the oven burner cycles on and off to regulate the temperature of the oven cavity.


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If You Don’t Hear It

If you don't hear the gas running in your gas oven, it's not necessarily a problem as long as the oven is still operating correctly. The absence of sound along with the absence of a flame indicates gas is not getting to the unit. Check that gas services to your home are on. Then check that gas oven has a line connected to the gas valve and that the valve is open. If all of these things are in working order, you need service to your unit.


Smelling It

While hearing the gas is normal, smelling it is never normal. If you smell gas, do not attempt to turn on the oven or any other appliance in the room. Do not turn on an electrical switch and do use a phone. All of these things can cause a fire or explosion if there is a gas leak in the room. Instead, leave the building immediately and call for service from a safe place.


Calling for Services

Who you call depends on what the problem is. If you are calling because you suspect a gas leak, call your gas provider and select the option for an emergency service. If there isn't an emergency, determine whether your gas oven is under warranty. If it's still under the manufacturer's limited warranty, contact that company. If you bought an extended warranty from the retailer, contact that company. If you don't have any warranty on the unit, contact the manufacturer because it can offer you a limited amount of support and also direct you to a service provider in your area that has experience working with its appliances.



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