What Is the Difference Between GE Profile Appliances & GE Appliances?

General Electric was established in 1892 and since then it has invented commercial and residential appliances and machinery. In 1930 GE invented and distributed the first consumer-grade electric washing machine.The GE appliance division has created innovative washers, dryers, refrigerators and other common home appliances. Divided into various divisions based on style and features, GE Profile varies from the standard GE appliance line.

GE Profile Line

The GE Profile line is one of four product lines within the General Electric appliance family. Within the GE Profile product line, all appliances must meet specific design and operation specifications. GE states that the GE Profile product line offers appliances with a contemporary appearance along with state-of-the-art technologies. This full-line brand offers kitchen appliances of all sizes and purposes, which when used together in the same kitchen provides a modern and cosmopolitan feel.

GE Product Line

The standard GE product line is the entry-level category within GE appliances. While the appliances found within this product line may not feature the absolute best in cooking or storage technologies or high-style exterior designs, the internal workings of a GE appliance still follow the standards of high-end GE product lines. This cost-effective product line of appliances offers consumers not only kitchen appliances, but also laundry care, air purifiers and dehumidifiers.


Within both the GE Profile and GE product lines, consumers are able to outfit their entire kitchen and laundry room with efficient and stable products. Also, both product lines allow consumers to design their kitchen or laundry room using the same brand thus enhancing the visual dynamic of the room as all appliances feature similar designs.


One of the biggest differences between the GE Profile and GE product lines is the price. No matter the appliance, GE Profile will always be more expensive than a comparable GE appliance. For example, as of 2011, the GE Profile 25.6 cubic-foot Refrigerator, Model PSHW6YGZSS, is priced at $3,739 while a comparable GE 25.9 cubic-foot Refrigerator, Model GSH6KGZSS, is priced at $1,539.