Why Did My Black & Decker 9.6 Volt Dust Buster Stop Charging?

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The DustBuster 9.6 is a hand-held cleaning machine manufactured by Black & Decker. The device lets you quickly clean up spills and messes around your home. The DustBuster uses an internal battery that charges when plugged into the wall. If your machine stops charging properly, then it might indicate one of several problems.

Indicator Light

As soon as you plug the DustBuster into its charger, look at the indicator light. The indicator light is a small light lets you know the product is plugged into the charger. Jiggle the cord and watch the light. According to Black & Decker, you must use a working 120-volt receptacle. If the light does not come on the charger, then it might indicate a faulty outlet. Plug another electrical item into the socket and ensure it works properly. Try moving the DustBuster to another outlet and see if it works there.


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Charging Mode

When you charge your DustBuster, you either plug a cord into the device or attach the device to a charging base. The unit does not charge properly unless the plug sits firmly inside or it sits properly on the charger. If your model uses a charging base, remove the DustBuster and place it back on the base. Wiggle it slightly until you hear a click or popping sound and see if it charges. If the device uses a charging cord, check the cord and make sure you do not see any fraying or wear.


Signs of Charging

In addition to the indicator light turning on, the DustBuster should show other signs that it charges properly. The charger should feel slightly warm when you touch it. Place your hand slightly above the charging base or the charging cord and see if you feel any heat. Let the DustBuster charge for at least 16 hours before using it. If the DustBuster still does not charge, then it indicates a faulty device.


What Happens Next

Return your DustBuster to the store where you bought it. You may receive a full refund or a replacement, but only if you purchased the device within the last 90 days. Check your receipt for the full return policy of that store. For purchases made within the last two years, contact a local service center or Black & Decker. The two-year warranty covers repairs on the 9.6-volt device. The manufacturer should offer repairs or a replacement.



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