How to Turn Off the Fan in a Convection Oven

A convection oven is different from a traditional conventional oven in that a fan circulates hot air during the cooking process. This shortens the baking or roasting time, while cooking the food evenly. Restaurants often use convection ovens, which speed up the cooking time. Because there are many different brands and models of convection ovens, including combination microwave and convection or convection and conventional, the process for turning off the fan can vary.

Step 1

Turn the convection option off. Some convection ovens give you a choice to turn the convection feature off, which would turn off the fan.

Step 2

Open the oven door during convection cooking to turn off the fan. In some convection ovens, if the door is opened the fan will immediately turn off. It will turn on again when the door is closed.

Step 3

Turn off the convection oven and allow it to cool. The fan may stay on for a while during the cool down, yet will eventually turn off.

Step 4

Switch the oven setting to conventional, if your convection oven is a conventional-convection combination. If the oven is a combination, changing to a conventional setting, as per your manufacturer's instructions, will typically turn off the fan.

Step 5

Press the vent fan's "off button" on the face of the appliance to turn the vent fan off. Aside from the internal fan to move the heat, some convection ovens have a vent fan to remove smoke and odors from the area. The unit may have a setting selection (such as high, medium or low) or one button that is pressed to turn the fan off or on.

Ann Johnson

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