How to Change the Ribbon in a Canon Calculator

For accounting offices and stores, calculators that produce a printed paper are indispensable. Canon's desktop or commercial printing calculators use ribbon tape, and you'll need to change the ribbon when it is used up. All Canon desktop and commercial printing calculators use the same method for changing the ribbon.

Step 1

Turn off the calculator.

Step 2

Pull up on the tab on the far side of the printer cover to remove the cover.

Step 3

Pinch together the ribbon lock (the arrow shows you the direction to pinch). Lift the ribbon spools off the shafts and discard them.

Step 4

Separate the new ribbon spools. Guide the ribbon tape around the four guiding pegs and set the spools on the shafts. The spools should be peg side down.

Step 5

Rotate the spools so the peg at the bottom of the spool goes into the hole of the spool holder. Release the ribbon locks.

Step 6

Rotate the spools to make the ribbon taut, keeping the ribbon positioned around the guide pegs.

Step 7

Replace the printer cover and turn the calculator on.