How to Troubleshoot the Touch Pad on a GE Profile Convection Oven

The GE Profile convection oven has an extra large oven capacity, a self-cleaning option, convection fan for cooking and an electronic control pad. The control pad allows the user to set the cooking program, cooking time, self cleaning system, convection cooking, delay start and the clock, among other options. However, if the touch pad is not working, you may need to do some troubleshooting.

Step 1

Reset the fuse or circuit breaker if the control pad will not function at all. The oven must be plugged into a working power outlet as well.

Step 2

Touch "Clock" and set the time of day with the number pads if the clock is flashing, including after a power outage. Press "Start" or "Clock" to confirm the time.

Step 3

Press "Start" after selecting "Bake" and the desired cooking temperature if the oven does not begin to preheat as expected. If the control pad has power but will not set a new program, touch "Clear/Off" to remove any previous programs from the control first.

Step 4

Press and hold the "9" and "0" buttons for three seconds to set the control lock, which prevents users from accessing or using the control panel or the oven. Repeat to unlock the control pad and the oven.

Step 5

Turn off the Sabbath Mode by pressing "Clear Off" and then pressing and holding "Broil Hi/Lo" and "Bake" at the same time until "SF" shows on the display. Press "Delay Start" until "12 shdn" appears on the display to indicate that the oven will turn off after 12 hours. Press "Start" twice to confirm.

Step 6

Close the oven door if "Locked" flashes, which means that the self-clean option was selected but the door is not closed completely. Press "Clear/Off" if "Locked" is displayed without blinking or follow the steps to release the control lock.

Step 7

Press "Bake" and the desired cooking temperature or "Self Clean" and the desired cleaning time if the control beeps after pressing "Bake" or "Self Clean" to indicate that the temperature or time was not set.

Step 8

Push "Bake" and "Broil Hi/Low" together for three seconds if "SF" does not appear when set.

Step 9

Enter in the desired probe temperature if "Probe" appears in the display and the probe has been plugged into the oven. The connection point for the probe is located in the rear of the oven.

Step 10

Disconnect the oven for 30 seconds and then reconnect the power if "F" and a number blinks. Press "Clear/Off" and call GE at 800-432-2737 if the error code remains.