Hunter Thermostat Troubleshooting

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Hunter produces a line of digital thermostats designed to maintain a home's temperature level. These thermostat may be used with a wide range of boilers, furnaces and air-conditioning units. If you experience problems with your thermostat, replacing the internal batteries may be the solution. In other cases, you may have to turn off power to the device and examine its wiring.

Display Problems

If you are having problems with your thermostat's display, identifying the specific problem may help provide a solution. If you notice extra numbers on the display, confirm that you have removed the mylar overlay from its surface. If the display is dim, check its contrast levels. Press the option button until you see the letters "LCD" appear in the upper left corner. Use the arrows buttons to adjust the contrast levels to the desired level. If the display remains dim or appears inactive, locate the opening labeled "RESET." Insert a small pin into the opening and press the button located within. If this fails to solve the problem, the next step is to check the batteries. Locate the tab at the bottom of the thermostat and press it in to release the front plate. Remove the front plate, and replace the two AA batteries. Replace the faceplate and examine the display. If the display is still not functioning properly, you will need to take a closer look at the thermostat's wiring. First, go to your home's main power panel and turn off power to the thermostat (you may wish to keep a flashlight handy for when you return to the room). Next, remove the faceplate as before and examine the wiring on the rear of the plate. Check the labeling on the wires and confirm that each wire is matched to the proper terminal. Loosen the screw securing the leftmost wire in place and confirm that the wire is properly inserted into the terminal. Tighten the screw and check the next wire on the right; repeat until you are certain all the wires are properly seated. Replace the faceplate and turn on the power to the room.


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Heating and Cooling Problems

If the thermostat is failing to activate the air conditioner or heating unit as desired, first be sure the selector switch is in the correct location. If you are still having problems, turn off power to the thermostat, remove its faceplate and confirm that the wires are connected to the proper terminals. Next, locate the switch in the lower-right corner and check that it is on the proper setting: If your home's heating source is a gas furnace, use "HG;" for an electric furnace, use "HE;" and for a single stage heat pump, use "SSHP."



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