Defrosting a Freezer Without Turning It Off

If your freezer experiences a severe buildup of ice, defrost it to restore the amount of space available inside the freezer. Even if your freezer is not overcome with ice, defrosting it improves its energy efficiency and also boosts the freezer's performance. With certain defrosting methods, you turn the freezer off to remove the ice buildup. If you prefer, defrost the freezer without turning the unit off.

Step 1

Open the freezer. Remove all the items from the freezer, and transfer them into the refrigerator.

Step 2

Cover the floor directly underneath and in front of the freezer with thick bathroom towels. Wedge a towel in front of the freezer door, if necessary, to hold it open. This allows warm room to enter the freezer, which helps melt the ice.

Step 3

Plug in a hand-held hair dryer, turn it on, and aim it on the freezer ice. Use care to avoid getting any ice or water in the hair dryer. Scoop up the broken-off pieces of ice with a cloth, and drop them in the kitchen sink.

Step 4

Moisten a clean cloth with water, and wipe down the freezer walls after the ice has melted. Remove the towels from the floor, and use a mop to mop up any water on the floor.

Step 5

Shut the freezer door and wait about 15 minutes to allow the freezer temperature to lower. Transfer the food out of the refrigerator and back into the freezer.