How to Empty a Shark Vacuum

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If you suffer from allergies, place the entire dust bin inside a trash bag and press the button through the bag to release the bottom of the bin and empty the contents. Close the bin before you remove it from the trash bag. This will help contain the dirt and reduce airborne dust which could irritate your allergies.


Never attempt to remove the dust bin from your Shark vacuum while it is turned on or plugged into an electrical outlet. This could cause injury from electrical shock.

Shark vacuums use a plastic dust bin to contain dirt and debris rather than using disposable vacuum bags. While you don't need to purchase new bags, you do need to empty the dust bin on your Shark vacuum regularly to prevent the vacuum from becoming clogged or losing suction. The Shark company recommends emptying the vacuum after each use or any time the bin appears full if you are vacuuming a large or especially dirty area.


Step 1

Turn your Shark vacuum cleaner off and unplug it from the electrical outlet.

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Step 2

Grasp the handle located on the top of the Shark vacuum's dust bin.

Step 3

Press the button located on the front of the handle with your thumb and pull the dust bin up and away from the vacuum cleaner.


Step 4

Hold the dust bin over a trash can.

Step 5

Press the button located on the side of the dust bin, near the bottom of the bin. This will cause the bottom of the bin to open and release the dirt and debris into the trash can.

Step 6

Press the bottom of the dust bin closed with your hand and return the bin to your Shark vacuum cleaner.