How to Troubleshoot a Shark Cordless Vacuum

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Troubleshoot your Shark cordless vacuum quickly to fix problems before they worsen and potentially damage the vacuum beyond repair. Shark vacuum problems affect how well the vacuum operates, including preventing it from picking up dirt and debris properly and potentially causing the machine to release already-contained dirt into the air. Order replacement parts through Shark by calling its toll-free number when necessary to fix some issues.


Step 1

Replace the nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride battery pack if the batteries will not recharge or if the vacuum will only run for a few minutes after being recharged. These batteries need to be replaced eventually. Purchase the batteries directly from Shark by calling 800-798-7398.

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Step 2

Charge the battery if the cordless vacuum will not turn on or operate properly. Wipe the contacts with a dry cloth between the battery and charging base before charging to remove dirt that could affect the battery charging correctly.


Step 3

Pull out debris from around the agitator if the motorized brush will not work. Cut strings or hair with a pair of scissors if it's wrapped around the agitator.

Step 4

Empty the dust cup container if the vacuum will not pick up, the suction is weak or dust starts to escape from the vacuum. Also, remove the dust cup filter and check for objects in it. Rinse it under water to remove dirt and dust. Allow it to dry thoroughly before placing it back in the vacuum. If the vacuum still does not work properly, order a replacement filter from Shark. Some filters are guaranteed for the life of the vacuum.



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