Totaline makes a wide range of thermostats for your home or business. A thermostat controls your heating and cooling systems from a central panel. Totaline offers thermostats with three basic configurations, each with a different set of instructions for use. If you need to reset the unit to the manufacturer's settings, just find the model that is like yours.


Four-Button Thermostats

Step 1

Press the button labeled "Mode" and hold it down. At the same time, press the "Down" key.

Step 2

Release both buttons after two seconds and hold down the "Fan/Override" button. Let go of the button when the display flashes or reads "Fd."

Step 3

Press the "Mode" button once and release. Push "Mode" once more to complete the reset.

Eight-Button Thermostats

Step 4

Push the "Mode" and "Fan" keys at the same time. Release both keys after seven seconds.

Step 5

Press "Fan" again and hold it until the display starts to blink or show the word "Fd."

Step 6

Push the "Mode" key and let it go without holding it. Press "Mode" once more and let it go.

Battery Thermostats

Step 7

Slide the "Program" switch to the "Set" option. Press and hold the "Next" button until the Setup opens.

Step 8

Push and release the "Next" button once then push it again, but hold it down this time. Don't release the button until all of the function icons display.

Step 9

Press the "Next" button again and hold it down until the display says "Fd." The display will not flash or blink.

Step 10

Push "Next" three times in a row, but do not hold it down. Slide the switch back to "Program" when you're done.