How to Clean a Black & Decker Coffee Maker

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It is important to clean your coffee maker regularly.
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Whether you prefer a strong brew or a small batch, the Black and Decker coffee maker is built to create your ideal cup of caffeinated deliciousness at any time you prefer. But the coffee machine can become clogged with oily residue and hard water deposits. The mineral and calcium deposits, or scale, can build up over time. While it is nontoxic, it can affect the way that the machine functions overall. A scaly build up can also affect the taste of the brew.


Why Cleaning Matters

There are a few reasons to clean out the coffee pot as well as the water reservoir regularly. A buildup of the natural oil from the coffee beans and calcium and minerals from unfiltered water can affect the taste of the coffee.

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If the hard water deposits and oils are left on the surface of the water reservoir, interior tubing and pot, then the overall function of the coffee maker can cease. Cleaning the machine's interior and exterior can ensure that you get the best cup of coffee and that the machine continues to work well past the three-year warrantee that Black and Decker puts in place on all its units.


Daily Maintenance for Coffee Makers

Removing the natural oils left behind after brewing ground coffee beans can make the monthly maintenance easier. Washing the pot daily can cut down on the oils as well as the calcium that can build up due to hard water, a common issue in many homes.


Good Housekeeping recommends washing the pot and any removable parts every day with warm, sudsy water. Wipe the outside of the unit and all the removable parts with a soft cloth before returning everything to their nooks in the coffee maker.

Self-Cleaning Coffee Maker

A self-cleaning coffee maker makes the monthly cleaning easier. The Auto Clean coffee maker option on the Black and Decker will remove the calcium build up from hard water deposits from the inside of your unit.


That little light can be helpful, but when it constantly flashes to get your attention, it can be annoying. The clean light on the unit will turn on after every 60 brews, according to Black and Decker. It is meant to inform you that oily residue or hard water deposits are building up in its interior and it needs your attention.

When the Black and Decker coffee maker clean light won't turn off, you may need to repeat the cleaning procedure. The clean light should be steady and no longer blink at you once the coffee maker is completely cleaned out.


Water Temperature Affects Taste

Is the coffee still not tasting like that ideal cup of caffeinated brew? It could be the water temperature causing a bitter brew. Water that's too hot can scald the coffee grounds and create a bitter taste. Room temperature water works well for the average cup of coffee.

If the coffee is bitter, you may want to add cold water to the reservoir before you press start. Cold water can provide a smoother, bold flavor.



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