Why Won't My RCA Television Turn On?

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RCA has been a leader in electronics since the company's beginnings in 1919. If your RCA television won't turn on, there are a few things to try before you need to call a technician to look at your set.

Easy Fixes

Try turning on your television manually, without using the remote control, as the batteries may have died. Make sure the television is properly plugged in and that the socket to which it's connected is functional.


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Some RCA televisions have issues with faulty power supplies. You can tell if a power supply is dead or not if the power light in the front is not illuminated. You will need to contact RCA for a new power supply.


Look for damaged or loose cables going into your television. These can also prevent your television from going on. Make sure your TV also has proper ventilation. Without it, your television can overheat and not turn on.



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