How to Light a Pilot for a Frigidaire Gas Stove

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It is not difficult to light a pilot for your gas stove.
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Gas stoves are much-loved by chefs because they're powerful and fast for cooking — especially for cooking with woks and cast iron. In a perfect world, you'd turn the stove on, flames would whoosh, and you'd be cooking with gas for real. Unfortunately, pilot lights can go out and igniters can stop working, so if your Frigidaire oven pilot light has stopped burning, you'll need to relight it. Fortunately, it's easily done.


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Once you know where the pilot light is, it's easily relit with a barbecue lighter.

A Word About Safety

If you smell gas building up in your kitchen or by the stove, turn the burners and oven off, then open all the nearby windows and doors until the room is clear. If you've tried clearing the room after turning off the burners and oven, but gas lingers, turn off the gas line and contact the gas company immediately.

Find Frigidaire Oven Pilot Light

If your Frigidaire gas stove igniter is not clicking, it might be malfunctioning, but it won't necessarily impede the gas flow or burner function. You may just need to light things manually. But you'll still need the pilot light to be lit.


The pilot light could be in the stove top, but it also could be in the oven — it'll depend on your Frigidaire model, according to The Kitchn. If you don't know where it is and you can't find it, Frigidaire has all their manuals online, and you should be able to download the right one for your unit.

Once you've found the pilot light, don't just go ahead and light it; clean it first. If there's any debris at all, it can stop functioning. Use a microfiber cloth and gently clean around it and in the mouth of the pilot light tube. Now it's ready to be lit.


Ignition Time

To light the pilot light, you'll need a lighter or matches. The best thing to use is a barbecue lighter, the ones with the long nose, so you can make sure you're reaching the gas source for the pilot light. Light the lighter, then light the pilot light.

Once you see a blue flame, the pilot light is back. Now you can check to see if the burners will turn on with the igniters. (There are some Frigidaire oven igniter tests that could be run if you're still having issues, but they're rather technical and require a multimeter and electrical know-how).


Keep Things Cooking

Now that you've tackled the pilot light, you may want to do some maintenance and check the burners. Each burner has an ignition point, and where that igniter and gas supply line sit can get food splatter or other debris buildup, impeding the burner's ability to supply a steady flame all around the burner.

Use the microfiber cloth to carefully clean around the igniter. You can also remove the burner cap and clean that. When you replace the burner cap, make sure it sits back on its grooves properly so the gas distributes correctly around the whole burner.

Once you fire the stove back up, you should find that your burners are burning evenly on all sides.



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