How to Light a Pilot for a Frigidaire Gas Stove

Things You'll Need

  • Match

  • Screwdriver


Don't attempt to light the pilot light if you smell gas in your home. Open all the windows and contact your gas company immediately.

Some older Frigidaire gas ranges have a pilot ignition system. This means the gas is ignited from a pilot light that is lit all of the time. If you've recently moved or had the gas line shut off to your home, you'll have to relight the oven's pilot light in order for the Frigidaire oven to heat your food. Pilot ignition systems are easy to get to in case they need to be relighted.

Step 1

Open the oven door.

Step 2

Gently lift up the floor of the oven to reveal the pilot light.

Step 3

Light the match and hold it up to the hole in the pilot light assembly. The assembly will look like pipes with one sticking up. The one sticking up is where you light the pilot light.

Step 4

Turn on the oven by pressing in on the oven knob and turning it to ensure the pilot light is catching the gas. If the oven heats up the pilot light is working properly.