How to Set the Clock on a Kenmore Oven

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It is relatively simple to set the clock on your oven.
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If you have a Kenmore oven, chances are good that you already know many of the basics — how to change the temperature, broil and turn the light on and off. Another basic oven function you'll need to familiarize yourself with is how to change and set the clock. After all, the clock on your oven can be a handy tool when you are washing dishes, cooking or eating breakfast in the kitchen. You may also need to use the clock's kitchen timer function.


Kenmore Oven Time Setting

The first step to set the clock on your Kenmore range is to check the actual time on another device. It's recommended that you use a clock set to the atomic clock for the most accuracy. This could be your cellular phone or a computer.

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The Kenmore oven manual instructs users to press "clock" on the control panel. Look to the numbered buttons to the right of your oven's clock display. This is where you will need to change the time. Type in the current time. Then, press "start."


Finally, you'll need to set whether to use a 12-hour or a 24-hour system. Hold down the "clock" button" for six seconds. After this time has elapsed, the "CLO" indicator will change to either "12 HR" or "24 HR." To choose between these two options, press the "FLEX CLEAN" button and then press start to set your choice.

Using Kenmore Oven Kitchen Timer

The clock on your Kenmore oven will also be responsible for setting your kitchen timer. You might need to use the timer if you are preparing something on the stove top or in the oven and would like a reminder when a cooking setting should be changed or an item removed from the oven.


To change the kitchen timer on your oven, you will first need to press the "timer" button on the oven. Then, use the number pads (the same buttons you used to set your clock) to enter the amount of time you would like the timer to continue. Keep in mind that this is calculated in minutes, rather than seconds. It may look like "0:05" on the timer display, but you are actually setting a five-minute timer.


Once you have set the oven timer to the desired amount of time, press "start." The timer will begin counting down. When it is time to remove your food from the oven or take it off the stove top, your oven will sound a three-beep alarm to alert you. Note that the timer does not turn off the oven, but rather alerts you to take out your food.

Changing a Timer Once Set

If you find that the kitchen timer is not set to the proper amount of time (perhaps you have checked your brownies and discovered that they are underbaked and need some more time), it's easy to change it. Simply press "timer" before the time has run out. This will cancel the setting you had previously entered.


Once you have canceled the previous setting, you can return to the timer and set it again with the new time you'd like it to track. This can come in particularly handy when getting familiar with a new oven, which might cook things more slowly or more quickly than you are used to.



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