How to Lubricate Gas Stove Valves

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Make sure to lubricate you gas stove valves.
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If you have a gas stove, you might not know that the valves that your burners connect to require proper care over time to remain safe and operate optimally. Fortunately, this is a fairly easy maintenance task. Certain safety procedures must be followed, however, to ensure your well-being and the proper operation of your stove.


Important Safety Considerations

Never make any changes to a gas oven when the gas shutoff valve is open. In addition, you should always unplug the oven or turn the power off at the circuit breaker before attempting any work on the valves.

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You can locate the shutoff valve for your oven by looking behind the appliance and identifying the flexible hose that goes into the back of the oven. You should turn the gas shutoff valve in a clockwise direction to shut the gas off to the oven.


According to Sears, it's essential that you take careful note of any gas odors you smell. Be sure that your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly and report any suspected leaks immediately to your local fire department. If you are working on maintenance to your stove and you begin to experience any signs of poisoning, including a headache, leave the house immediately and call for help (but do not open a window before you do).


Gas Stove Valve Lubrication

To lubricate the gas valves on your stove, first remove everything from your stove top. Then, lift the stove top (with help from another adult, if needed) and secure it with the prop rods that are part of the appliance.

Next, remove the burner from the valve that requires lubrication. You can then apply valve grease to the valve. Be sure to add just a few drops and spread it carefully onto the valve with a cloth. Wipe up any excess valve grease immediately.


If you are at all uncertain how to lubricate the valves on your gas stove, you should not proceed. This process can be quite dangerous, and it should not be attempted if you are uncomfortable or are not familiar with natural gas appliances.

Finding Gas Valve Lubricant

You can purchase gas valve lubricant, also known as gas stove valve grease, at your local hardware or home improvement store. In addition, you may be able to find it online or through your stove's manufacturer.


Refer to your owner's manual to determine which kind of lubricant to purchase, as the proper type might vary based on the specific stove you have. This is also a good resource for replacement gas stove parts, which can usually be ordered directly from the manufacturer to ensure the correct size and specifications.

You should also check your owner's manual or with the manufacturer before you apply gas valve lubricant to your stove. While doing so can be a good way to optimize performance, some stoves might not be made to accept certain lubricants. It's always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to this sort of thing.



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