Do Dehumidifiers Have Reset Buttons?

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Hot, humid summer days can be difficult to manage for those with respiratory problems like asthma. Dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air, gathering it in a small plastic tank to be emptied down the sink. You might want to reset your dehumidifier if you experience technical difficulties or are unable to start the appliance. Resetting helps restore electronics to working order in the event of a minor fault; it is often the first step suggested by troubleshooting guides.

Purpose of a Reset Button

Reset buttons help recover small and large home appliances or electronics in the event of a minor fault or computer problem. The reset button is often located on the underside of the appliance and is sometimes recessed inside a small hole to prevent accidental activation. You may need a thin-tipped object like a pen or pencil to push the reset button.

Dehumidifier Reset Buttons

Broadly speaking, dehumidifiers from major manufacturers do not have reset buttons, though your particular brand may have one. A lack of a designated "reset" button does not mean the appliance cannot be rebooted; the procedure often involves simply disconnecting the power.

Resetting Your Dehumidifier

Empty the water bucket used to gather moisture removed from the air down the sink and return it to the appliance. Disconnect the power cord from its electrical outlet and wait five minutes before plugging the dehumidifier back in. The appliance should reset, clearing any settings programmed into the controls. Set the controls and start the dehumidifier as normal.

Other Types of Reset

Some dehumidifiers have a "Filter Reset" LED that glows when the air filter needs cleaning. Remove the filter from the appliance as described in the instructions, clean away any dirt and return to the dehumidifier. The light goes off when the air filter is clean and air can adequately enter and exit the appliance.


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