How to Troubleshoot an Eemax

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An Eemax heater can regulate the temperature of the water coming from the faucet.

Eemax boasts the greatest selection of electric tankless water heaters in the United States, so if you have an interest in purchasing a product to regulate the water in your kitchen or bathroom then there is every chance Eemex could be on your radar. Yet, even the most prestigious of brands -- especially dealing with complicated heated processes -- can suffer from problems. Naturally, with a machine of electronic complexity, it is advisable to have some technical expertise before you start attempting complicated repairs; however, there are a few reasonably simple steps you can take in order to troubleshoot some of the more common problems you could have with the unit.


Step 1

Make sure that the circuit breaker switch is turned on at the circuit panel if the indicator light does not illuminate when the machine is switched on and you have opened the hot faucet. This indicates no power is getting to the unit.

Step 2

Adjust the temperature adjustment screw on the machine if the indicator does come on but you are receiving no water or simply cold water. Turn the screw gently, noting that the five o'clock position is the maximum temperature for the unit. With the temperature adjustment screw at a higher level you should receive hot water.


Step 3

Replace the heating element if you continue to receive no hot water from a seemingly sound unit. Heating elements are reasonably easily available, but you can call Eemax technical support at 800-543-6163 for the proper replacement number for your specific model of Eemax heater.

Step 4

Reset the high limit thermostat if your heater "clicked" (a sound made during normal operation as the water heats) when water flowed through it, but has now stopped and only produces cold water. This indicates the tripping of an Eemax safety feature -- the high limit thermostat.


To do the reset, switch off the machine at the breaker and remove the cover to the heater using a flat-head screwdriver. You will see that each gray heating chamber has a circuit board attached to it, and near that circuit board is a high limit thermostat, which looks like a small black device with two orange wires going to it. Push the small red button on the device to reset this safety feature.



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