Bradford-White Hot Water Heater Thermostat Instructions

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If you want to take a hot shower or have hot water coming from your faucets, a Bradford-White hot water heater is an option you may install in your home. These hot water heaters come in a variety of models that you can connect to a gas line or an electrical outlet. Each model features a thermostat that can be adjusted to change how hot the water is in your home.


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Step 1

Turn off the power supply to your hot water heater. The best way to do this is to open the circuit box for your home and flip the switch to the room or area of the home houses the hot water heater. Do not attempt to change the thermostat until you do this.

Step 2

Gently slide off the access panel on the side of the hot water heater to access the thermostat. Set the panel aside. Reach inside and pull back the insulation to gain access to the thermostat.


Step 3

Place the screwdriver into the center of the temperature dial. Turning the screwdriver clockwise will increase the temperature of the water that the heater will produce. Turning it counterclockwise will decrease the temperature. The lowest setting is the factory setting of 120 degrees. The highest will increase the temperature to above 160 degrees. Setting it too high could cause burning or scalding at the tap or in the shower.


Step 4

Push the insulation back into place covering the thermostat. Slide the access panel cover back into place. You may now return power to the hot water heater by flipping the switch in the circuit breaker back to the "ON" position. The hot water heater will begin to heat the water inside to the desired temperature.