How to Set the Timer on an Aroma Rice Cooker

Aroma rice cookers feature preset buttons to cook white rice and brown rice automatically, but you can set the timer on your machine to steam foods such as buns or vegetables. In addition to using a timer to steam foods, you can also set a delay timer on your rice cooker so the appliance will begin cooking at a preset time. This allows you to set the machine in the morning and have fresh cooked rice waiting for you at dinner time.

Cooking rice is simple with an Aroma rice cooker.

Steam Timer

Step 1

Pour water into the cooking pot inside the Aroma rice cooker and add your food to the pot or place it inside the steam tray that rests on the rim of the cooking pot.

Step 2

Close the lid on the rice cooker and press it down until it snaps shut.

Step 3

Plug in the rice cooker and press the power button located to the right of the digital display.

Step 4

Press the button labeled "Steam." The number 10 will appear on the digital display which indicates the timer is set for ten minutes.

Step 5

Press the steam button again to add another minute to the timer. You can continue to press the button and add minutes to set the timer up to 30 minutes.

Step 6

Wait a few moments after you set the timer for the rice cooker to beep and begin cooking.

Delay Timer

Step 7

Measure white or brown rice into a clean bowl using the measuring cup that came with your rice cooker.

Step 8

Rinse the rice thoroughly with cool water until the water is clear and then pour the rice into the inner cooking pot of your rice cooker.

Step 9

Fill the pot with fresh water using the lines marked on the inside of the pot. For example, if you used 2 cups of rice, fill the pot to the line marked next to the number 2.

Step 10

Close the lid of the rice cooker and plug it into an electrical outlet.

Step 11

Press the power button to turn on the rice cooker.

Step 12

Press the button labeled "Delay Timer" repeatedly to set the timer. The number shown in the display indicates the amount of hours from now when your rice will be finished cooking. For example, if the display reads "2" then your rice will be ready in two hours.

Step 13

Press the "White Rice" or "Brown Rice" button to start the timer. The rice will begin cooking at the appropriate time to finish cooking when the timer expires.