How to Troubleshoot a Douwe Egberts Coffee Machine

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It is easy to troubleshoot your coffee machine.
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Typically, the Douwe Egberts coffee maker is used commercially rather than by individuals. If you have one at home or have to use this appliance at work, you should be able to troubleshoot it with relative ease. Refer to the Douwe Egberts coffee machine manual for additional assistance. For basic troubleshooting, you can follow a series of simple steps.

Important Safety Considerations

While troubleshooting your coffee maker is fairly safe, you should be sure that it is not brewing coffee or very hot (if it has recently brewed) before you start working with the appliance. In addition, be sure not to plug in the coffee maker if the cord is wet, as this can be an electrocution hazard.

If you will need to tip or move the coffee maker at all during the troubleshooting process, be sure to move the carafe in case it has hot coffee in it. This will also prevent the carafe from falling and breaking.

Troubleshooting Your Douwe Egberts Machine

The first step in troubleshooting your coffee maker is to be sure it is plugged in properly and that the circuit breaker is not tripped. If power is going to the appliance, you should be able to turn its main power switch to "on" and see the power light engage.

Then, try to brew coffee. As the water heats, you should not see a flashing thermometer. If you do, this means that the temperature of the water is too low. This could be due to an issue with the machine that would require repairs or replacement. You could try a workaround, as well, and add warmer water to the appliance when you start brewing coffee.

If the coffee that is brewed is not the amount you tried to brew, you likely need to add more water to the machine. The manufacturer indicates that this should be done by opening the water tank and adding water.

NG300 Coffee Machine Error Codes

One of the most popular models of Douwe Egberts coffee makers is the NG300. If this is the machine you have, you can rely on several additional error codes to help you figure out what is wrong with your appliance. They are usually signaled via lights or numerals.

For instance, if you have the image of a hung-up telephone with the numbers one through nine displayed, along with an image that looks like a champagne flute, the coffee pack needs to be replaced. If you see two hands holding sponges, the machine is indicating that it needs to be cleaned. Per the manufacturer's YouTube channel, this can be achieved by using mild detergent and water or vinegar when descaling is needed.

If you see a drop of water over and under a ring, it means that the dispenser's water filter must be replaced.

Coffee Machine Error Lights

Though not an error code, per se, if you see a flashing yellow light on your appliance, it likely refers to an obstruction of a vent in the rear of the machine. Move any debris from that location, and pull the coffee maker away from the wall, if it's too close. If the problem persists, you may need to contact customer service through the manufacturer for further assistance.

Do you see a red light on your coffee maker? If so, you'll need to replace the coffee ground pack inside the appliance. If the Douwe Egberts machine is releasing just hot water, you should follow the same troubleshooting procedure.


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