Sometimes you may find it necessary to clean under the stove top of your Whirlpool stove. Whether you have open coils or a smooth ceramic top, you will open the Whirlpool stove in the same way. The Whirlpool has support rods that will lock into place and hold the stove open while you clean under the top or replace sealed heating elements. The stove will open much like the hood on your automobile.

Lit burner on gas stove
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Step 1

Disconnect the Whirlpool stove power cord from the electrical outlet. Remove the bottom utility drawer from the stove and reach under the stove to unplug the power cord.

Step 2

Remove the burner coils from the stove top before raising the top if you have an open coil stove. Lift the coil across from where it plugs into the stove terminal, and pull the coil away from the stove. Repeat for the remaining three coil elements.

Step 3

Open the oven door and look for two screws under the top lip of the top panel. Remove the screws with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Step 4

Grab the front corners of the top panel and raise the top panel until the support rods lock into place.