How to Troubleshoot Frigidaire Freezers

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Freezers are busy machines. The hulking appliance is doing quite a lot as it sits in its nook, day in and day out. The Frigidaire upright freezer makes a lot of noise just performing its normal functions. However, if the freezer no longer works as well as it normally does, then a few quick troubleshooting tips can get the machine back into good working order.


Sounds of the Freezer

The Frigidaire upright freezer makes a lot of noise just sitting there, from clicking and sizzling noises to gurgling and rushing sounds. They may sound different in the night or the day. Troubleshooting odd sounds can help you to find out if there truly are any other issues.


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A freezer will often make knocking, groaning or popping sounds under normal conditions. This is due to the compressor and other parts cooling down or ice falling from the trays, according to GE Appliances. However, if it is making a whirring or loud humming noise, then there may be a problem with the fan motor or blades. A damaged motor will eventually cause the freezer interior temperature to rise.


Frigidaire Upright Freezer Leaking Water

Common Frigidaire freezer upright problems include ice makers that won't function properly, frost buildup, water leaking and the temperature falling or the machine not working at all. If the Frigidaire upright freezer is leaking water, then you may need to check the evaporator coils. Water on the coils may be due to high usage or high humidity.


Sears Home Services notes that if there is a buildup of frost in the freezer, there may be a problem with the defrost heater. If the door has been left open, this can cause frost buildup. Check the freezer temperature, which should be at 0 degrees Fahrenheit and not more than 3 degrees. If this continues, then the defrost heater may need to be replaced.

The Frigidaire upright freezer coils should be cleaned to keep them in good working order. You've Got Maids recommends cleaning the freezer coils at least once a year.


Prepping for Freezer Work

Turn off or unplug the appliance if you plan to remove the ice maker to repair or reset it. Store all food in coolers while working on the appliance if the repair will take more than an hour to keep it safe from bacterial growth, according to the Food and Drug Administration.


A set of screwdrivers should be all you need to reset or replace the freezer. Have some bowls at the ready that can hold the screws and other parts as you remove them for convenience. Gather towels to put down under the freezer and to have on hand to quickly wipe up spills that can cause an accident.

Troubleshooting Frigidaire Ice Maker

Troubleshooting why the appliance lights are blinking can narrow down the problem and save time and money. After troubleshooting common issues that require a reset, the blinking lights on the Frigidaire freezer should cease to pulse. If your Frigidaire upright freezer has an ice maker, there are a few things that can cause it to malfunction.


A helpful place to find a list of Frigidaire freezer troubleshooting is in the manual. According to Frigidaire, the lights may blink if the ice maker is jammed with ice. Frigidaire recommends removing ice that has collected on the ejector arm with a plastic utensil.

To reset the ice maker in the Frigidaire upright freezer, simply turn the machine off, close the door and wait 30 seconds. Open the door and turn the machine on to reset the appliance.



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