How to Troubleshoot Frigidaire Freezers

If you own a Frigidaire chest-style or upright freezer, you expect it to keep your food items at a constant, frozen temperature. In most cases, you shouldn't have any issues with this, but if at some point you believe your Frigidaire freezer isn't operating properly, troubleshoot it before making an expensive service call. You may be able to diagnose and repair the problem on your own.

Make sure your frozen vegetables stay that way with a working Frigidaire freezer.

Freezer Doesn't Work

Step 1

Make sure the freezer is plugged into a working electrical outlet. Plug it into an outlet on another circuit to see whether your home has an electrical problem.

Step 2

Reset any tripped breakers, or replace a blown fuse with a new 15-amp time-delay fuse.

Step 3

Set the temperature control to a position other than "Off."

Freezer Runs Excessively

Step 4

Turn the temperature control up to a warmer temperature setting.

Step 5

Clean the freezer's gasket with warm, soapy water. Wipe it with a clean, wet cloth, and then dry it with a dry cloth. A dirty gasket may cause leaks in the door seal.

Step 6

Make sure the freezer doesn't rock when you push on its side. This indicates a leveling issue, which may cause the door to not close properly. Add shims below the freezer to level it.

Step 7

Recognize normal causes of the freezer's compressor running a long time. These can include hot weather outside, a lot of new food being placed within the freezer or too frequently opened doors.

Freezer Not Cold Enough

Step 8

Adjust the freezer's temperature control to a colder setting.

Step 9

Refrain from opening the door, as this allows warm air to enter the freezer compartment.

Step 10

Check to see whether the freezer rocks as described in Step 3 of Section 2.

Step 11

Allow the freezer time to cool after new food has been added or if it has just been turned on.