A high-definition, plasma-screen television can be a costly investment, so it can be frustrating if the TV doesn't turn on when you want it to. Troubleshooting an LG plasma TV that won't turn on is a very general process, as the issue is often due to the TV not receiving any electricity. In some instances, it can also be due to a defective power supply, damaged buttons on the TV or remote control or a switched-off surge protector.

If your TV won't turn on, it may be due to a malfunctioning electrical outlet.

Step 1

Press the "Power" button physically located on the set itself. The power button is typically located on the right or left side of your LG plasma TV, though it may be located on the front panel of the unit in some models.

Step 2

Point the remote control included with your LG plasma TV at the TV and press the "Power" button on the remote.

Step 3

Replace the remote control's batteries, point the remote control at the LG plasma TV and press the "Power" button again. The batteries needed may vary depending on your TV model.

Step 4

Switch the surge protector connected to your LG plasma TV off and on again and press the "Power" button on the TV. This only applies if your TV is connected to a surge protector.

Step 5

Disconnect your LG plasma TV from the wall outlet or surge protector and connect it to another wall outlet or surge protect. Press the "Power" button on the TV and wait a moment to see if it powers on.