There are Noises in My Culligan Water Softener Regeneration System

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Culligan softeners treat shower water, providing a soft-water experience.
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Culligan water systems soften your home's water and remove mineral deposits. Mineral deposits cause hard water and create significant wear and tear on appliances, such as the hot water heater, dishwasher and washing machine. On occasion, the softening system will make noises. But if you familiarize yourself with the sounds, you'll know what's normal and what indicates a potential problem.


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You may hear your Culligan system making a significant amount of noise every night. Sounds include those that sound like a motor running or flowing water. When the softener regenerates itself, it will make these noises. Water-softening systems contain resins that attract the impurities out of the water. When this resin becomes saturated, it needs to be cleaned. It's usually cleaned with salt water, or brine solution. During regeneration, you will hear the sound of the brine solution washing over the resin, which is a normal sound to hear in these types of water softeners.



If you hear a draining sound in conjunction with your Culligan water system's regeneration, this sound occurs when the regeneration process has been completed. The water containing the mineral hardness is removed from the softener and washed down the drain -- which sometimes leads to a drain in the garage or basement via a hose -- or it's emptied into a septic or sewer system.


When the Culligan water softener makes its noises, it's one of the main issues that many water-softener users have. Many of these softening systems are set to regenerate either nightly or several times throughout the week and will generally do so late at night or early in the morning. Because the regeneration process can be loud in some systems, this late-night noise can wake up family members. The regeneration clock can be manually set to a different time if necessary.



Water softeners have various benefits, aside from saving on the life of your appliances. Culligan systems usually come with a drinking filtration system that not only removes mineral impurities, but also chemical agents, such as chlorine. The end result is high-quality drinking water. Water softeners allow you to use less soap and cleaners, because the soft water serves as a better cleaning agent than hard water.



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