Is Steam Clean or Self Clean Better in a Range?

According to Mrs. Clean, more than half of people who have self-cleaning ovens don't use the self-cleaning option. Many consumers don't realize the self-cleaning feature's ability to aid in cleaning. In the self-cleaning oven market, there are both traditional self-cleaning and steam-cleaning ovens. Both work utilizing the same principle: heat. Heat is used to expand the metals in the enamel and force the food grime to loosen so it can be wiped away. There are distinct differences between the two types of self-cleaning ovens. These differences can indicate an advantage to owning one over the other.

There are advantages to self-cleaning and steam-cleaning ovens.

Step 1

Set a cup or pan of water on the bottom oven cavity and turn on the steam clean option. Self-cleaning ovens don't require the addition of anything else before turning on the cleaning cycle.

Step 2

Use less energy to clean the oven. In self-clean ovens, the oven will heat itself up to between 500 and 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Steam clean ovens heat to only 250 degrees.

Step 3

Open the window to ventilate the area. This is required for self-cleaning ovens. The high heat requires the oven to have extra installation, which makes the addition of more advanced electronics into the range more difficult and also raises concerns about the release of toxic fumes, according to Appliance Magazine. Steam clean ovens are made of porcelain enamel, which allows food residue to be released with exposure to moisture and doesn't raise the same health concerns.

Step 4

Clean the oven in less time. Steam-clean ovens run the cleaning cycle for only 20 minutes; self-cleaning ovens take two to four hours.

Step 5

Wipe away the heated grime with a cold sponge. According to Appliance Magazine, egg, oil, French vanilla cake mix, cherry preserves and Hollandaise sauce were baked onto the surfaces of both a self-clean and steam-clean oven. When cleaned, debris on the steam- clean panel wiped away; cherry preserves couldn't be wiped away from the self-clean oven panel.

Si Kingston

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