How to Make a Great Homemade Vaporizer

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It is not difficult to make a homemade vaporizer.
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During the colder months, many of us struggle with dry air in the home. The lower temperatures outside, plus the artificial heating in your home, can massively reduce the levels of humidity in the atmosphere, and this can lead to many problems. According to Home Depot, a lack of moisture in the air can lead to breathing problems, coughs, colds and even issues with the skin.


An at-home vaporizer or a humidifier can help keep the atmosphere within your home healthier and more comfortable. And if you don't want to purchase one yourself, there is a variety of methods to create a homemade vaporizer that's simple, affordable and effective!

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Benefits of a Vaporizer

There are many benefits to keeping your home atmosphere more humid. Less dry air can improve many health conditions, particularly those related to breathing and allergies. More humid air can also help those fighting off colds and prevent other uncomfortable complaints like a scratchy throat, dry eyes or chapped lips.


Another fantastic benefit to a vaporizer is that it can help maintain a higher temperature inside your home. This means it can help lower your heating bills, which is great for your bank account and for the environment too.

Different Types of Homemade Vaporizer

If you want to boost the humidity in your home, you can opt for either a humidifier or a vaporizer. A humidifier can produce cool vapors, while a vaporizer will only produce warmer steam. You can purchase a readymade humidifier — but if you feel like being thrifty, you can create a brilliantly effective vaporizer at home too. And what's even better is that these homemade vaporizers can be made quickly and out of items you already have in your home!


Whether you want to boost the humidity of your entire home using a hot plate or slow cooker or build a custom mason jar vaporizer, there are many ways to make a vaporizer at home.

Make a Vaporizer at Home

One easy method of creating an at-home vaporizer is by using a metal pot and a hot plate. Boil a large pot full of water on the hot plate, then turn it down to the lowest setting to keep a small amount of steam evaporating off of it over time. You do need to check frequently that all of the water hasn't evaporated.


An even safer way is to use a slow cooker. Simply fill your crockpot with water and turn it onto the lowest setting. Place it out of the way to make sure it doesn't get knocked or kicked over.

In a real pinch, though, you can create a homemade vaporizer using your radiator. Fill a long metal pan with water and place it along the top of your radiator. As your radiator heats up, the water will start to evaporate and fill the air with a small amount of steam.


Quick-Use Mason Jar Vaporizer

If you're suffering from a cough or allergies, you can also make a mason jar vaporizer. For this, you need some drops of essential oil (peppermint and eucalyptus work particularly well), a mason jar and some boiling water. Fill your jar with a couple of inches of boiling water and a drop of each of your chosen essential oils. Lower your face over the jar and create a seal between it and your nose and mouth. Breathe deeply a few times to enjoy the benefits.



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