How to Change an Oven from Celsius to Fahrenheit

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Many modern ovens now include the option to change the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit, and back. By default, if your oven was made in United States, its temperature is probably preset to Fahrenheit. If that is what you're used to, there is no need to change anything. However, if you are more comfortable with Celsius, you need to know how to change the settings. Likewise, there may be times when the temperature has been accidentally set to Celsius and you want to return it to Fahrenheit. These changes are easy to make with a few quick steps, but the exact details will vary from one manufacturer to the next.


How to Change an Oven from Celsius to Fahrenheit
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Is the Current Setting in Celsius or Fahrenheit?

First of all, determine whether the temperature currently shown on the display is in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

When measured in Celsius, an oven operates at temperatures from 90 degrees to 260 degrees. The equivalent in Fahrenheit is 200 to 500 degrees. That means that if you're trying to change the temperature on your oven but the controls won't go above 290 degrees, then it is currently set in Celsius.


Most models make it easy to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit, and back. However, the exact steps you have to take will change slightly from one manufacturer to the next.

Changing From Celsius to Fahrenheit: GE

In GE ranges, first press both "Bake" and "Broil HI/LO" buttons simultaneously and hold them for about five seconds. The display will show "SF." After that, press "Broil HI/LO" only until the display shows "C." (In some models, you will need to press "Cooktime" and "Broil HI/LO" buttons simultaneously.) Pressing the button again will change it to "F." To save the change, press "Start."


Changing From Celsius to Fahrenheit: Whirlpool

To change the temperature of most Whirlpool ovens, you need to press and hold the button "Custom Broil" for about five seconds. You will hear a tone, and the sign "C°" will appear briefly on the display. Press and hold "Custom Broil" again to change it back to Fahrenheit.

In some Maytag ovens, which is a Whirlpool brand, simply pressing "Kitchen Timer" will allow you to change between Fahrenheit and Celsius and back.


In some Kenmore models, which are also manufactured by Whirlpool, pressing "Broil" for five seconds will change the display to Celsius, and pressing it again will change it back to Fahrenheit.

Refer to your oven's user manual for specific instructions.



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