How to Troubleshoot a Kinetico Water Softener

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Kinetico water softeners treat water free from electricity.

Kinetico water softeners first appeared on the scene in 1970 as the brainchild of two engineers in search of a non-electric means to automatically treat water. Manufactured for both commercial and residential households, Kinetico water softeners operate uninterrupted during the regeneration process and provide soft and safe water through the means of a turbine and gears instead of electricity. Troubleshoot your softener if you notice household soap no longer lathering well, a soapy or scummy buildup on your skin after showering, or if you notice a film on glasses and dishware after cleaning or running them through the dishwasher.


Step 1

Check the bypass valve on your Kinetico water softener to see if water is bypassing the system; on modern models, the Kinetico bypass valve would be turned to yellow if this is the case. Move the valve to green to return the softener to an operating position. See the Resources section if you have an older valve or lever bypass system on your softener.

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Step 2

Look for salt in the brine tank of the unit. If you notice a crust, wash it away with mild soap and water. Rinse the area with plain water to remove any residual soap.


Step 3

Check to see if a salt bridge has formed over the water in the tank. This affects saturation levels. Break up the salt to allow it to saturate properly in the water.

Step 4

Examine your prefilter for clogs. Replace a clogged filter with a new cartridge.

Step 5

Check for salt-crusted plugs at the connection area between the resin and mineral tanks. Clean the area around tanks with soap and water to remove the crust.


Step 6

Examine the Kinetico drain lines for kinks or pinches in the line. Smooth out the lines and rearrange as needed to remove areas of restriction.

Step 7

Call the company at (800) 342-5684 and put your system on bypass in the case of a tank overfill or a continually running system.



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