Descaling Instructions for the De'Longhi Magnifica 3300

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The De'Longhi Magnifica ESAM3300 is an espresso machine that brews cappuccinos, lattes, and other coffee drinks. It has a built-in coffee bean grinder so that owners can brew the freshest coffee drinks. Because the machine heats water to make the beverages, lime scale will eventually build up inside the tubing in the machine. When the steam/descale lights start flashing, you should descale your De'Longhi espresso machine.


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How to Descale a De'Longhi Magnifica ESAM3300

Step 1: Set Up the Machine for Descaling

Empty the water tank and then add descaling solution and water to the tank in the proportions listed on the descaler package.

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Step 2: Use a Container to Capture Liquid

Place a container that holds at least 34 ounces under the cappuccino frother where the descaling solution will be released.


Step 3: Start the De'Longhi Descaling Process

Press the power button to turn on the machine and then wait for the green cup indicator lights to stay steadily lit. Press and hold the descaling button for at least five seconds. A warning light will come on, indicating that the descaling program has started. Turn the steam knob counterclockwise for half a turn.

Step 4: Allow the Descaling Program to Finish

Let the machine run for about 30 minutes as the descaling solution comes out of the cappuccino frother and fills the holding container. The process includes a series of pauses, so the release of descaling solution will not be continuous.


Step 5: Stop the Espresso Machine

When the fill-with-water light comes on, turn the steam knob clockwise for half a turn until the machine stops.

Step 6: Rinse the Water Tank

Remove the water tank, rinse out any residue of descaling solution, and fill it with clean water. Replace the water tank in the De'Longhi espresso machine.


Step 7: Empty and Replace the Collection Container

Dump the descaling solution out of the collection container you placed under the milk frother. Put the empty container back under the frother to collect the rinse water.

Step 8: Run Clean Water Through the Machine

Turn the steam knob in a counterclockwise direction so that hot water comes out of the milk frother. Allow the machine to run until the tank is empty. At that point, the steam light will turn off and the fill-with-water light will come on.


Step 9: Turn Off the Machine

Turn the steam knob in a clockwise direction to stop the machine. Fill the water tank with clean water and replace it in the machine. Your espresso machine is now descaled and ready to make coffee.


Descaling solution is acidic. It can irritate eyes or skin on contact. Be careful about handling the descaling solution and keep it away from your eyes and skin.

Use only De’Longhi brand descaler in your De’Longhi machine. Do not use vinegar or other products to descale your machine. The manufacturer states that using any product other than De’Longhi descaler can affect the machine's warranty.



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