Whirlpool Range Error Codes

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Whirlpool ranges feature error codes to assist with troubleshooting.
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Whirlpool produces a variety of ranges including gas or electric, freestanding, drop-in, slide-in, convection or regular ovens. If you experience problems with your range, its digital panel may display any number of Whirlpool oven error codes, which you can decode by referring to your user manual. Whirlpool ranges generally use the same error codes, for easy reference, though you may also wish to consult with your range's specific manual for greatest certainty.


Whirlpool Oven Error Codes

When your oven is not in use, the control panel displays the time of day. But not all activity on the control display panel other than the time and oven temperature is because of Whirlpool oven error codes. For example, Whirlpool notes that the display will flash after a power loss. Simply press Cancel on the keypad to stop the flashing.


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F1 Error Code

If you receive a two-digit error code reading F1, your Whirlpool range may be experiencing one of three problems. There may be an analog to digital failure; if this is the case, simply disconnect the range for 30 seconds and plug back in. If the same display reappears, you may need to replace the control board. An F1 reading can also indicate a safety flip-flop or a shorted keypad, which will require that you replace the board or the keypad.


F2 and F3 Error Codes

If you receive an F2 error code, the Whirlpool oven temperature sensor has shorted out. You'll need to replace the oven temperature sensor in order to operate the range's oven capability. An F3 error code may have multiple meanings, also related to the oven temperature sensor. Potentially, the oven temperature sensor has been opened or tampered with. You may also receive an F3 reading because the oven is too hot or because the temperature during the oven cleaning is too high. In any of these cases, you may remedy the problem by replacing the oven temperature sensor.


F5 Whirlpool Oven Fault Detected

An F5 error code indicates that you need to check the oven door or the latching switch. The switch is used when cleaning the oven, for safe closure. If you find that the door or the latch switch do not function, you may need to replace them.

4-Digit Error Codes

On some Whirlpool ranges, the error codes have four digits instead of two. For example, if you receive an error code reading F1 - E1, your range has experienced a safety flip flop and you need to replace the board. An F2 - E0 code means the keypad has shorted and must be replaced. If you see F3 - E0, the oven temperature sensor has opened and needs to be replaced.


Error code F3 - E1 means the oven temperature sensor has shorted and must be replaced. Code F3 - E2 indicates that the oven is too hot, and the sensor should be replaced. Code F3 - E3 also requires replacing the oven temperature sensor, but because the cleaning cycle temperature records as too hot. If you receive error codes F5 - E0, F5 - E1 or F5 - E2, the door and latch switch need checking and possible replacement.



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