How to Troubleshoot a Braeburn Thermostat

Your Braeburn thermostat allows you to regulate your home or office's temperature whether you want it cool or warm. To ensure your room is at the temperature that is comfortable for you, your device should function at an optimal level. Braeburn thermostats will only function as well as steps you take to maintain them. Solving simple problems can increase your heater or cooling system's efficiency and save money in repairs.

Troubleshooting your Braeburn thermostat can improve your unit's efficiency.

Step 1

Open the front cover of your thermostat and open the battery compartment if you see a low battery warning on your unit's display.

Step 2

Remove the two AA alkaline batteries and insert fresh ones. Close the battery compartment and replace your unit's cover.

Step 3

Check your thermostat's display. If you see "Off," make sure your unit is turned on. Move the System Selector dial to the "Heat" or "Cool" position.

Step 4

Review the "Check" status indicator light on your thermostat's display. If it is coming on frequently, the heat pump have malfunctioned. Call a qualified appliance technician.

Step 5

Check the fan switch if your unit's fan is running intermittently or when your system is off. It is likely on "Recirculate" mode. If the fan continues to run, set the fan switch to "Auto" mode. This will allow the fan to run only when the heating or cooling system is turned on and running.

Step 6

Check your Braeburn thermostat's circuit or fuse if your thermostat display is blank. Make sure the circuit breakers are on. The circuit breaker is generally located in an electrical panel next to your outdoor unit. Refer to your unit's manual if you do not know where your circuit breaker is. Replace your thermostat's batteries before programming it.

Step 7

Check your thermostat's current time of day and day of week program settings if it will not follow program set points. Make sure the "AM/PM" indicator is displayed and your thermostat is in the "Heat" or "Cool" position. Check your program set point entries and adjust them to your preference. Change your "Weekday to Weekend" mode to "7 Day" mode if your thermostat does not allow you to program the days separately.

Step 8

Adjust your thermostat's settings if you see a "Lo" warning on your display. Set the temperature higher than the room temperature displayed on your thermostat. Turn on your cooling system if you see a "Hi" warning on your display.

Step 9

Press the "Reset" button on your Braeburn thermostat to restore your device's default settings. This erases all programmed data.