How to Turn Your Regular Bathtub into a Whirlpool

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Things You'll Need

  • Owner's manual

  • Microfiber cloth (optional)

  • Portable water jet spa


Always be careful when using electric equipment near a filled bathtub. Keep all extension cords and electrical outlets dry to avoid electrical shock or damage to the small appliance.

Lighting candles and playing soft music can increase the whirlpool's relaxing effects.
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You can quickly turn almost any bathtub into a whirlpool by attaching a portable water jet spa. In the winter months, many outdoor whirlpools are left covered and unused. The muscle aches and pains that are often the reason for purchasing a whirlpool do not tend to go away with the changing seasons. Enjoy soothing water jets and massaging bubbles inside your home year-round by adding add a portable water jet spa system to your existing bathtub.


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Step 1

Review the manufacturer's suggested installation procedures in the owner's manual of the portable water jet spa. Some units sit outside the bathtub, while others are mounted on or in the tub with suction cups.

Step 2

Choose the section of the bathtub or area of the bathroom where the portable water jet spa will be placed so that it is within reach of a power source. Some tub-mounted portable units are rechargeable and do not require a constant power source. Whirlpool units that include a bath mat should be attached to the hose and set in the base of the tub.


Step 3

Clean the suction cups and the area on the tub where they will attach with a damp microfiber cloth. Leaving the surface of the tub and suction cups clean and slightly damp will make the portable spa more securely attached with outlet holes facing up.

Step 4

Fill the bathtub with water according to the manufacturer's directions or by using the fill line markings on the side of the portable water jet spa as a guide. Some manufactures suggest that you avoid using bath salts and oils that may cause damage to the whirlpool machine's motor. Review the warnings section of the owner's manual before adding anything besides soap to the water.


Step 5

Get into the tub and let water out the drain until you have lowered the level back down to the fill line. Turn the water jet spa on its lowest setting and slowly adjust the power control until you are comfortable. Some models feature multiple adjustable jets that can be individually positioned for optimum relaxation.