How to Clean the Filter for a Menumaster Commercial Microwave

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You need to maintain your microwave so that it works to its best ability.
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Microwaves are amazing appliances that allow people to heat up food in mere minutes. Not only do regular households enjoy the ease of microwaves, but restaurants have also jumped at the chance to make their prep quicker and more efficient. By popping their items in the microwave, it allows chef and line cooks a chance to focus their attention elsewhere and get more out of the kitchen at a faster pace.


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Commercial microwaves are like many other appliances and need regular maintenance and cleaning to keep them functioning in the best way possible. Microwaves used at the commercial level are actually quite impressive machines due to qualities such as being able to program certain buttons, have USB ports and Wi-Fi hookups.

Commercial microwaves, such as the Menumaster variety, have many different models to choose from. While some models are extremely well equipped and have lots of buttons, some are considered more basic models but are still programmable to a certain extent. Menumaster microwave programming is simple and can be done quickly, especially if you have the owner's manual to refer to.


If you find yourself having a hard time locating the original owner's manual and may have misplaced it, you may wonder what the Menumaster commercial microwave manual price is. Luckily Comcater has made a wide range of owner's manuals for Menumaster microwaves available in one convenient space. Many Menumaster commercial microwave programming is quite similar; instructions may still differ slightly model to model.

Cleaning the Menumaster filters

After using the microwaves regularly, the filters will need routine maintenance and cleaning to continue working properly. The Menumaster commercial microwave user manual recommends cleaning the filter weekly, monthly and quarterly, depending on frequency of use. Cleaning the filters should be relatively simple, however, it may be a bit more complicated to do a Menumaster commercial microwave filter reset.


There is a high chance that your microwave will tell you when its filter needs cleaning. Many models have removable filters located directly underneath the appliance that can be removed by either sliding them out or pulling them from the microwave due to their magnetism or clips securing them in place.

It is possible that your model's filters cannot be removed, but they must still be cleaned regardless. The manuals suggest cleaning these air filters in a solution of mild soap and warm water solution. Simply wipe the filters down with the soapy water and a sponge or delicate cloth, then proceed to rinse and dry them completely before installing them back on the microwave.


Reset the Filter Status Light

The final step to a Menumaster commercial microwave clean filter reset is to tell your microwave that the cleaning process has been done. Since there is likely an indicator that told you it was time to clean the filter, the indicator is not likely to go away unless you go into the microwave's settings and locate the filter's designated reset button. Once again, if there is any question about how to reset or clean your Menumaster commercial microwave's filter, it is best to consult the owner's manual that came with the appliance.