How to Use a Samsung Microwave

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Samsung makes a wide range of microwaves that come with a variety of features and are able to fit any budget. Importantly, all Samsung microwaves have a ceramic interior that is known to be hard-wearing and scratch-resistant, and is also easy to clean. Operating a Samsung microwave is a piece of cake, and even if you've just emerged from the woods where you cooked your food exclusively over open fire, you'll be able to master these machines in no time.


How to Use a Samsung Microwave
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Setting the Time

The electronic display of your microwave shows the current time whenever the microwave is not in use. When you first unpack your new microwave, you will need to set the time on the display. You will also need to reset it after a power outage or adjust it when switching between winter and summer time.


When the microwave is plugged in, the display will show ":0", "88:88" or "12:00." You can choose to set the current time in the 24-hour or 12-hour format.

Press the "Clock" button once to set the time in the 12-hour format, or press it twice for the 24 hour format. Press the "+" and "-" buttons (or up and down arrows in some models) to set the hour. Then, after pressing "Clock" again, use the "+" and "-" buttons to adjust the minutes. To save the settings, press the "Clock" button again at the end.


Using Your Microwave

To cook or reheat food, open the microwave door and place the food in the center of the turntable. Don't forget to close the door before turning the microwave on. Remember to never operate the microwave with an open door. To start the microwave, press the "Microwave" button once. Pressing it again will display different power levels, from low to high. When the desired power level is displayed, you're ready to set the cooking or heating time. To do that, press the 10MIN, 1MIN or 10SEC buttons. Pressing the "Start" button will begin the cooking process. When it is over, the oven will beep and "0" will flash on the display several times.


Quick Start

The "Quick Start" option allows you to quickly heat your food at the default power level, which is high, and can be handy for those short lunch breaks on busy days. Simply popping your food into the microwave and pressing "Start" will do the job. Pressing "Start" again repeatedly will add 30 seconds of cooking time each time.

How to Use the Auto Cook Feature

Like "Quick Start," the "Auto Cook" feature will save you time as it allows you to cook your food with preprogrammed settings.


To use it, press the "Auto Cook" button and then press it again as many times as necessary until it displays the type of food you want to cook. You don't need to set the time or power level as these will be preprogrammed when you select the appropriate food type.

Pressing "+" and "-" allows you to adjust the size of the serving, and pressing the "More/Less" buttons will let you adjust the cooking time.

Don't forget to press "Start" to begin the process.



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