Microwave ovens have provided speedy cooking options since their invention in 1945. Today, microwave ovens are commonplace in homes across America. Although many people only use them to reheat or defrost food, you can also cook entire meals by microwave. Also, some parents trust their children to use the microwave oven instead of a stove, because there is a smaller chance of being burnt while cooking. Samsung make several microwave models, but most of them work on the same general settings.

Step 1

Place the food in a microwave-safe dish.

Step 2

Press the Power button to turn on the Samsung microwave, if necessary.

Step 3

Open the Samsung microwave door, and place the food dish inside. Close the door securely.

Step 4

Press "Time" on the microwave's keypad. Select the time preset, or manually enter the cook time.

Step 5

Press "Start" to begin cooking.

Step 6

Remove the food from the microwave after the timer and microwave go off.