How to Use a Metal Grilling Rack in a Microwave

Using metal in microwave ovens has always been a safety issue. This is because of the electric arching that is caused while the microwave waves bounce off of the metal. Some microwave ovens come with a grill or convection oven built in which often use a metal grill to help with browning food. The metal grill is used to help raise the dish closer to the elements of the grill burner. The grills have spacing that is opened at the appropriate width and no sharp edges, preventing electrical arching.

Step 1

Ensure the microwave has a grilling feature by consulting the user's manual.

Step 2

Place the grill centered in the microwave.

Step 3

Place the food to cook on top of the grill.

Step 4

Select the combination microwave or grill feature on the microwave oven. Enter the length of time to cook and press "Start."

Step 5

Remove the food and grill using oven mitts when the microwave chimes.