How to Remove a Frigidaire Over-the-range Microwave

Frigidaire over-the-range microwaves hang from a steel bracket bolted into the wall studs behind the range, as well as the underside of the kitchen cabinet above the appliance. Recruit a friend to help with the removal of the Frigidaire if you need to take down the microwave for repairs or to replace the oven. An extra person is needed to hold the appliance and prevent it from falling when the mounting hardware is removed. The task takes less than half an hour.

Step 1

Disconnect the Frigidaire electrical cable from the power outlet, which is typically inside the overhead cabinet.

Step 2

Unscrew and pull out the screws inside the bottom of the cabinet above the Frigidaire, using the screwdriver, while your helper supports the appliance from below.

Step 3

Pull the bottom front edge of the Frigidaire upward while raising the appliance to disengage the support hooks on the rear from the slots in the bracket on the wall.

Step 4

Lower the Frigidaire slowly to the range surface while guiding the electrical cord out of the hole in the bottom of the cabinet.

James Clark

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