How to Remove a Frigidaire Over-the-Range Microwave

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It is not difficult to remove your over the range microwave.
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A Frigidaire over-the-range (OTR) microwave saves counter space by sitting above the stove top where an exhaust hood would otherwise be installed. These microwaves are mounted to the wall and the overhead cabinetry. If your Frigidaire OTR microwave needs to be replaced or you want to install an exhaust hood instead, you'll need to know how to safely remove it in order to not damage the surrounding cabinets or the stove top below.


Frigidaire OTR Microwave Install

To successfully undertake a Frigidaire PLMV169DCD removal, it's important to understand how these microwaves are installed in the first place. The base of the microwave latches onto the lip of a sheet of metal securely screwed into a wall stud behind the microwave, while two screws are drilled through the upper cabinet and into the top of the microwave to prevent the microwave from sagging.


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Removing an over-the-range microwave is relatively simple, but before you get started, keep in mind a few safety considerations.

Ask a Friend for Help

Microwaves are heavy (Frigidaire models are typically between 63 to 85 pounds), so one of the first things to think about is how you'll safely support and lift the microwave while removing it. Ask a strong friend for assistance and consider covering the top of your stove to protect it from any dents or scratches that may occur if the microwave slips from your grasp.


Removing an OTR Microwave

To remove an over-the-range microwave, you'll need a stepladder to reach the plug and the top screws, plus a screwdriver to remove those screws. First, take the plate out of the inside of the oven. Then, unplug the microwave.

Next, with your helper supporting the bottom of the microwave, unscrew the two screws that go through the floor of the upper cabinet and into the microwave. The microwave will sink slightly but shouldn't completely collapse. The wall mount still secures the microwave in place.


Get off the stepladder and move it aside. Both you and your assistant will need to tip the microwave forward and push the back half up and forward. This will completely free the microwave, and it can be set on the counter. Guide the plug out of the hole in the upper cabinet if it gets stuck.

Removing the Wall Mount

If you're switching to a Frigidaire microwave countertop and installing an exhaust hood, you'll want to remove the metal wall mount. There should be about four screws along the bottom and two screws along the top of the mount. Use the screwdriver (or a drill for especially tight bolts) to remove these screws. The metal wall mount will easily lift away from the wall once all the screws are removed.


If you want to buy a new brand or model of an over-the-range microwave, it will come with a wall mount. However, many microwaves use the same mounting style. Before removing the old wall mount, wait until you unbox your new microwave and compare the new wall mount to the old one. If they're not the same or compatible, then you can remove the old wall mount and install the new one.



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