How to Silence the Beep on an Emerson Microwave

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Emerson microwave ovens are operated by pressing the buttons on the control pad. Each time a button is pressed, a beeping sound is made by the microwave. While some users prefer the audible acknowledgment that they pressed the button, other users find it annoying. In some situations, such as in a small office, the beeping can be distracting. Emerson designed some of their microwave models to allow users to turn off the beeping sound that is made when entering settings.


Step 1

Press the "Sound" button on the microwave control panel. The "Sound" button is located under the "9" button. The display will read "On."

Step 2

Push the sound button a second time to turn off the sound. The display will read "Off."

Step 3

Save your setting by pressing the "Start" button on the microwave. The microwave will no longer make beeping noises when buttons are pressed.

Step 4

Press the "Sound" button and the "Start" button to turn the sound on again.


William Pullman

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