Sharp Carousel Microwave Instructions

Sharp produces many items for homes and businesses, such as televisions, stereos, computers and products for the kitchen, including microwaves. The Sharp carousel microwave includes a glass turntable to rotate food for more even cooking results and has several cooking power levels and settings for various food items.

Step 1

Program the clock by pressing "Auto Start/Clock" and the corresponding number pads for the correct time. Press "Auto Start/Clock" again to confirm.

Step 2

Place the food items inside the microwave and close the door firmly.

Step 3

Press the desired cooking time for the food item on the number pads.

Step 4

Enter the desired power level by pressing "Power level" if less than 100 percent power is desired. Press "9" for 90 percent power, "8" for 80 percent power and so forth.

Step 5

Press "Start" to begin cooking.

Step 6

Enter in the desired cooking time and then "Convec" to use the convection cooking feature. This reduces the overall cooking time. Press "6" to set the cooking temperature, which is typically 350 degrees for convection cooking, followed by "Start."