Oster Microwave Oven Operating Instructions

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The Oster appliance company was launched in 1924 with the introduction of a hair clipper developed by a man named John Oster. Oster purchased the Stevens Electric Co. in 1946 and diversified from barber equipment into a variety of small home appliances, such as blenders and toasters. The Sunbeam Corp. acquired the Oster Manufacturing Co. in 1960 and continues to produce small home appliances under the Oster name. Among Oster brand appliances are microwaves designed to be simple to operate.


Step 1

Press the "Clock" button once, then the correct number buttons to set the desired 12-hour time. Press "Clock" again to confirm. If you want to use 24-hour time, press the "Clock" button twice before inputting your numbers and pressing "Clock" again.

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Step 2

Press "Timer" to set the timer function. Choose the desired countdown time by pressing the number pads, then the "Start/Stop" button. Press "Timer," then "Reset" to cancel the timer.


Step 3

Press the number pads to select a cooking time. Press "Power" to use a power less than 100 percent using the number "9" for 90 percent of full power, "8" for 80 percent, "7" for 70 percent and so forth. Press "Start" to begin cooking.

Step 4

Press "Defrost by Weight" to defrost a food item by the weight of the item. Enter the weight of the item, then touch "Start" to begin. Enter the food weight by pounds and ounces, using a "0" first to enter weights of 1 ounce to 9 ounces. For instance, if the food weighs 1 pound, 2 ounces, enter "1," "0," "2" and then "Start."


Step 5

Select "Speed Defrost" to defrost food quickly. Enter the desired cooking time and press "Start."

Step 6

Set the safety lock function if you have young children and don't want them to use the appliance. To set it, hold down the "Reset" button for three seconds. You'll see the lock indicator light up. Repeat the same procedure to unlock the microwave.



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