Microwave popcorn is a tasty and convenient snack for your family on movie night; but if your microwave should stop popping your popcorn, you can find yourself quickly deprived of your favorite part of your evening in. With a bit of troubleshooting, you should be able to work out why your popcorn is not popping. You should allow five minutes for this task.

Figure out why the microwave wont pop your popcorn.

Step 1

Make sure the plastic wrapping is removed from the outside of the popcorn bag and it is placed the right way up in the microwave -- the bag should be marked. As the popcorn pops, the bag will grow in size; if the plastic wrapping is not removed or the bag is upside down, it can prevent the kernels from popping.

Step 2

Make sure the microwave is set to "Normal" or "High." If the microwave has been set to "Defrost" mode it will not pop popcorn properly. Some models of microwave have a dial on the front which controls the mode while others will require you to push a button or touchpad to change the mode. Check your manual if you have problems changing your microwave oven mode.

Step 3

Make sure the glass plate in the bottom of the microwave is properly in place. If the plate has slipped off its guides it can prevent the bag of popcorn from turning in the microwave oven and stop all the kernels from popping.

Step 4

Check the popcorn's instructions and make sure you are allowing it enough time inside the microwave. Depending on your oven's power rating and its age, it may take longer for it to pop the popcorn than the instructions state. Keep the microwave running on high until the corn begins to pop, making sure to keep an eye on the situation in case the kernels begin to burn.

Step 5

Put a mug of room temperature water in the microwave and switch it on for a minute. Feel the outside of the mug for warmth. If the mug is warm the oven is working properly.

Step 6

Try using another packet or brand of microwave popcorn. You could simply have a bad pack which will not pop in the microwave. Try using another from the same box, or use a different brand in future.