How to Measure the Size of a Microwave to Replace It

A microwave oven can stand alone on your kitchen counter, or you can install it to fit and hang securely between cabinets. If your old microwave oven has popped its last bag of popcorn and you are ready to replace it, then measuring it ensures you do not purchase a replacement that is too big or too small for the old microwave oven's location. Measuring the old appliance takes only a few minutes and does not require moving it from its location..

Taking measurements ensures a good fit.

Step 1

Measure the height of your old microwave oven with measuring tape. The height extends from the microwave oven's exterior bottom to its exterior top. Write the measurement on paper.

Step 2

Find the microwave oven's depth by measuring from the exterior of the appliance's front to the exterior of its back. Write down the measurement.

Step 3

Measure the width of the microwave oven, and note the measurement on paper. The width encompasses the space from the exterior of one side of the microwave oven to the exterior of its other side.

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