How to Remove the Dishwasher Plug on an InSinkErator

InSinkErator is an American company based in Racine, Wisconsin, that manufactures kitchen accessories, including garbage disposals. Its disposals are mounted underneath the kitchen sink, where they catch food particles on their way down the drain. When the disposal is turned on, cutting blades in the machine chop the particles into a manageable size that are washed down the drain. If a dishwasher drain is to be connected to your kitchen sink drain system, it is connected to the InSinkErator disposal after the dishwasher knockout plug is removed.

Step 1

Lay the garbage disposal on its side on a firm work surface, such as a sturdy work bench.

Step 2

Locate the black plastic threaded fitting that protrudes from near the top of the disposal.

Step 3

Insert a flat blade screwdriver into the center of the fitting until it comes to rest on the knockout plug.

Step 4

Hit the handle of the screwdriver sharply with a hammer until the plug loosens from the fitting and falls into the garbage disposal. Remove the screwdriver from the fitting.

Step 5

Turn the disposal upside-down to let the plastic knockout plug fall out.