How to Remove a Whirlaway Garbage Disposal

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Your Whirlaway garbage disposal was designed to be a workhorse, keeping your sink clear of debris and offering a cleaner alternative to traditional dish-washing methods. Over time, however, any good garbage disposal may start to experience issues. If you've troubleshot your garbage disposal and would like to remove it, either to repair or replace it, you should be able to do so with relative ease.


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Whirlaway Garbage Disposal Removal

Garbage disposal removal is simpler if you were also the person who conducted the Whirlaway 191 installation since you would have firsthand knowledge as to how it was connected. Fortunately, the process is not overly complicated.

Garbage disposals are connected to both electrical and plumbing supplies and disposals, so you should plan to turn the power off at the circuit that the garbage disposal is on before you get started. Also, if the unit is plugged in rather than hard-wired, you'll want to unplug it as well.


Removing the Garbage Disposal

To begin, you should remove the lock nut from the top of the garbage disposal and the bottom of the attached drainpipe. This will allow you to maneuver the drainpipe so that it loosens inside the disposal unit.

You can then use a screwdriver to unscrew the metal flanges on the top of the disposal unit. From there, you should unscrew the disposal in a clockwise direction. You can use your hands to turn the disposal until it has been removed from its mount.


Disconnecting the Dishwasher

According to Disposal Zone, chances are good that there is a discharge hose that is located at the top of the disposal if you have a dishwasher. When your dishwasher is not running, you can remove this connection.

First, place a bucket beneath the hose in case there is water lingering within. Then, loosen the clamp on the hose. Pull the drain hose away from the garbage disposal.


Electrical Connection Removal

You will need to undo the electrical entry to your garbage disposal. For Whirlaway models, this can be found attached via a nut on the bottom of the disposal. Once again, be sure all power is turned off to the circuit your garbage disposal uses before you do anything else.Test the leads with a non-contact voltage tester before you touch anything.


Replacing a Garbage Disposal

If you aren't going to install a new garbage disposal, add a junction box for any relevant wiring and clamp off your dishwasher drain line. If you are planning on installing a new garbage disposal, you don't need to seal off your plumbing and electrical connections just yet. Secure the area until you install the new disposal.


You can buy a new Whirlaway garbage disposal at Home Depot if you are planning to replace the existing unit. You should follow manufacturer instructions when reinstalling the disposal. You are likely to find that reinstallation very closely mirrors the reverse of the removal process.

If, for some reason, you are uncomfortable installing your new garbage disposal, you should consult a professional. Home improvement or hardware stores may be able to provide guidance or repair technicians. Alternatively, you can contact Whirlaway and arrange for a professional installation directly through the manufacturer.



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