How to Fix the Top Spray Arm on a Bosch Dishwasher

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Bosch dishwashers are known for their superior cleaning, quiet performance and large capacity. Many appliances from this manufacturer have three racks, necessitating a second spray arm. If you need to fix the top spray arm in your Bosch dishwasher, you can access and remove it fairly simply. You should be able to get your appliance working in very little time.


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Important Safety Considerations

According to Part Select, before removing the top spray arm in your Bosch dishwasher to clean or replace it, you should turn off the power to your appliance at the circuit breaker. Though you won't need to access the electrical supply to the unit, it's always best to turn off the power to an appliance before conducting repairs. This is particularly important in the case of dishwashers since they involve both water and electricity.


Removing Bosch Top Spray Arm

In traditional dishwashers, there is one spray arm between the top and bottom racks. Since many Bosch dishwashers have three racks, there is a second spray arm located below the topmost rack. If your Bosch upper spray arm is not spinning or is not cleaning your dishes properly, you may wish to remove it to troubleshoot or clean it.


First, pull the upper dish rack out until it is fully extended. This will give you adequate access to the top spray arm. It will be mounted at the center of the dishwasher and will spin when you push it. Typically, it looks like two arms coming off an axis.

Then, you'll need to rotate the nut that is located on the underside of the top spray arm. This likely will require a wrench or socket wrench, though you may be able to turn it with your hand, depending on how tightly it is turned. Doing so should enable you to remove the spray arm. From there, you can clean it, repair it or replace it, depending on the reason you are removing it.


How to Clean a Spray Arm

You can clean your dishwasher spray arm by soaking it in a sink full of hot water with white vinegar. This will help remove the buildup of dishwasher detergent, food and hard water. Over time, these deposits make it difficult for water to exit the spray arms and properly clean your dishes of food particulate and soap.


You can also use a pipe cleaner to get into the holes of the spray arm for stubborn deposits. Snake the pipe cleaner through the hole and push out any clogs. According to Bosch, you may also wish to use a toothpick to clean out these holes.

Bosch Dishwasher Spinner Fell Off

If your dishwasher upper spray arm fell off its mount, you can likely reinstall it using the reverse of the process outlined above. However, if the spray arm fell off because it is broken, you will need to order a replacement. If you need additional assistance with the installation or with ordering the correct replacement part, reach out to the manufacturer.