How to Troubleshoot the Clean Light Flashing on a KitchenAid Dishwasher

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KitchenAid dishwashers come equipped with many features, such as a power wash cycle, quiet motor, cup racks, advanced dry option, 36 spray jets, adjustable racks, culinary tool space and automatic detergent dispensers. Sold online and in many stores, the dishwasher also has a control panel that will blink to notify users of problems with the dishwasher. If the "Clean" light on the control panel blinks rapidly several times, it indicates a possible problem with the water temperature in the dishwasher.


Step 1

Reset the dishwasher by pressing "High Temp Wash" and then "Heated Dry" four times in a row, followed by one last "High Temp Wash." This will reset the control board on the dishwasher.

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Step 2

Wait for the lights on the control panel to turn solid. Press "Cancel/Drain."


Step 3

Run the hot water at the kitchen sink until it feels hot. Turn off the water and select a new wash cycle on the dishwasher. Press "Start" and let the full cycle finish.

Step 4

Contact KitchenAid for service if the "Clean" light resumes blinking, which indicates a service error that requires professional repair, such as a damaged or broken control board, heater or thermostat, as well as possible problems with the water pressure.



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