My Frigidaire Dishwasher Will Not Dry

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No matter how well your Frigidaire dishwasher washes the dishes inside of it, it still will not work as effectively as it should if it is leaving dishes wet. In most situations, you can remedy wet dishes by checking to make sure the proper dishwasher settings are selected and that they are working as they should.

Heated Dry

Modern Frigidaire dishwashers feature a "Heated Dry" option. The dishwasher defaults to "Heated Dry" when it finishes any selected cycle, but one heated dry session sometimes may not be enough. In these instances, close the dishwasher and press "Heated Dry" to manually start the heated dry session again.


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Rinse Aid

Check the rinse aid dispenser before starting your wash cycle. For best-drying results, this dispenser should be full. When rinse aid is used, the water "sheets" off of the dishes instead of forming water droplets, which have a tendency to cling to the dishes. The rinse aid is located on the inside of the dishwasher door. The indicator is dark when it is full and it typically holds enough rinse aid for between 35 and 140 washes, depending on the dishwasher's settings.


Water Temperature

The temperature of the water used to wash and rinse your dishes should be set for at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The dishwasher has problems removing water that is cooler than this when drying the dishes. Change the temperature of the water flowing into your dishwasher by adjusting the heat settings on your home's water heater.


Spread Out the Dishes

Loading a dishwasher with items is often not the best way to wash or dry dishes. When dishes nest on top of one another, the soap and water in the dishwasher do not clean the dishes as well as they could. Likewise, because one dish covers another, it can be difficult for the dishwasher to fully dry the dishes that are nested. Avoid placing dishes on top of one another for best results.


Normal Wetness

Some items will nearly always be wet, even if everything is operating properly. The dishwasher is not able to fully dry plastic items, so you may need to towel-dry them. Similarly, cups with concave bottoms collect water that the dishwasher is unable to remove during the heated dry process.



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