How to Put the Top Rack of a Dishwasher Back on Track

In a matter of minutes you can assess what caused your top rack to go off track and get it sliding in and out with ease. A misaligned top dishwasher rack can make the loading and unloading of dishes a difficult chore. Most dishwasher racks roll on a system plastic wheels and aluminum tracks. The extreme conditions inside a dishwash may cause these parts to wear or bend over time. Get your top rack back on track so you can get your washer back to full operating capacity.

Step 1

Refer to the owner's manual for the specific model of dishwasher you are working on. Find the location and instructions to properly remove the top track's end caps.

Step 2

Take off the track end caps from both sides of the upper track and set them aside.

Step 3

Pull the top rack of the dishwasher completely out and set it down with the wheels facing up.

Step 4

Examine the condition of the wheels on the rack and the inside and outside of the track. Look for food debris, warping or broken parts that may be causing the wheels to go off track.

Step 5

Refer to the owner's manual again to get part numbers and order pieces that need to be replace. Clear the track of debris with a soft cloth and straighten a bent track gently by hand. The thin aluminum is easy to manipulate but will snap if your bends are too extreme.

Step 6

Roll the top rack back into the track and slide it back and forth to test the level of improvement.

Step 7

Replace the end caps on the track once the top rack is back in place and operate the dishwasher as usual.