How to Use a Hotpoint Dishwasher

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General Electric's Hotpoint dishwasher is a reliable, low-priced appliance that makes washing dishes and utensils a breeze. Whether you have heavier washing needs or a few lightly soiled dishes to clean, Hotpoint dishwashers have different wash cycles for your cleaning needs. After learning a few simple steps, using a Hotpoint dishwasher will become second nature to everyone in your family.

How to Use a Hotpoint Dishwasher
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How to Load Your Hotpoint Dishwasher

You do not have to prerinse your dishes with normal food soiling but do remove any bones, skin, trimmings, seeds, leafy vegetables and excess grease or oil before loading them into the dishwasher. Use the upper rack of your dishwasher for holding smaller kitchenware including glasses, cups, saucers, dishwasher-safe plastics, odd-shaped utensils, saucepans and mixing bowls. All items on the upper rack should face down toward the lower tray.


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The lower rack in your dishwasher is for housing larger plates, saucers and cookware. Make sure to place items like broiler pans and racks along the sides with their soiled areas facing the center. Platters, bowls and pots can go along the sides and back in the same manner. Don't pack your dishwasher too tightly, as doing so can prevent your kitchenware from getting fully clean.

Place silverware in the removable basket with fork and knife handles up and spoon handles down. Mix utensils and distribute them evenly. Place smaller items like container lids and measuring spoons in the bottom of the basket with silverware on top.


Using Detergent in Your Hotpoint Dishwasher

When placing detergent in your dishwasher, make sure to use one made explicitly for dishwashers. How much to use depends on whether the water is hard or soft in your area. Hard water requires extra detergent, while soft water requires less.

Your Hotpoint has two dispensers located on the inside door. Make sure the dishwasher is off before adding detergent to the main cup. Add a rinse agent to the rinse-agent dispenser as needed and then latch and close the dishwasher's door.


Wash Cycles on Hotpoint Dishwashers

The types of wash cycles on a Hotpoint dishwasher vary by model. Pick the cycle that best applies to your dishwashing needs by turning the knob or pressing a button on your Hotpoint. The cycles on most models are as follows:

  • Pots and Pans: For heavily soiled kitchenware with dried or baked-on food. This cycle cleans heavily soiled plates.

  • Normal or Normal Wash: Meant for full loads of normally soiled kitchenware, this cycle conserves both water and energy.

  • Short Wash: For medium-soiled kitchenware and loads consisting mostly of glasses.

  • Water Saver or Light Wash: For lightly soiled kitchenware.

  • Rinse Only: Use this cycle for partial loads or kitchenware that will go through a full cycle later.

  • Drying/Plate Warmer: For warming dishes and serving plates.

  • Hot Prewash/Hot Start: This cycle preheats water to the desired temperature.

  • China/Crystal: For delicate and lightly soiled china or crystal kitchenware.



Starting Your Hotpoint Dishwasher

After your dishes and detergent are in the dishwasher, make sure to close the door and lock it in place. Your Hotpoint's control panel may have a knob, buttons or both. What your control panel looks like will depend on the model you purchased. Using the owner's manual, study the front of your dishwasher and match its control panel to one of the four pictured.


For models with a cycle dial, turn the dishwasher to the START or ON position or the cycle of your choice. For models with buttons, touch the START/RESET pad to begin the cycle. In both cases, there will be a time delay of about 60 seconds before you hear the dishwasher fill with water.

When the cycle is complete, you will hear the dishwasher click off, and a light on the front panel will illuminate and stay on until you open the door. Open the dishwasher door and remove your clean kitchenware.



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