How to Use a Hotpoint Dishwasher

The Hotpoint Dishwasher made by General Electric offers 4 to 6 wash cycles in a large-capacity appliance to make fast work of dirty dishes. Using the appliance is as challenging as pushing a button. Follow these steps to get maximum benefit out of your Hotpoint dishwasher.

Step 1

Load the appliance with dirty dishes, placing soiled pots and pans on the lower rack where they will be subjected to the most vigorous cleaning. Glassware and dishwasher-safe plastics should go on the top rack. It is not necessary to rinse dishes before loading them in the Hotpoint appliance, unless the dishes have been sitting for awhile and the food particles have dried.

Step 2

Fill the detergent compartment with your preferred brand of dishwashing detergent, and add glass rinse solution to the rinse reservoir on the inside of the door if your model is equipped with one, then close the door to lock in place.

Step 3

Select the cycle you wish to use and press the button. For pots and pans, use the heavy-duty cycle. Normal wash is fine for dishes and utensils.

Step 4

Save on your energy bill by running the dishwasher only when it is full and by allowing the dishes to air dry instead of using the heat dry function on the appliance.