How to Cancel a Wash Cycle on a Bosch Dishwasher

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Robert Bosch began making Bosch appliances in 1886 and today the brand is ranked as being one of the best. If you set the Bosch dishwasher to run on the wrong cycle and need to change it, you must first cancel the current cycle. But canceling a cycle on a Bosch dishwasher is slightly more difficult than with other dishwashers. In fact, if you aren't careful it could result in you or someone else being burned from hot water because you need to open the door to reach the control panel.


Step 1

Open the dishwasher door. Do not open the door all the way, just far enough to expose the control panel. Opening the door too far could result in hot water splashing out and burning you.

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Step 2

Press and hold the "Start/Reset" button. When the active indicator light is off, release the button.


Step 3

Close the dishwasher door. Wait and listen for the dishwasher to finish draining. This will take about a minute.

Step 4

The dishwasher will beep to signal that it is done draining. Simply open the door and press the "On/Off" button. The cycle has ended and you can choose a new cycle.



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